Earth. Earth has myriad many myths and legends and creatures that can appear very strange. Today, the team from 3dvkarts wants to teach you the art of drawing the Bake-kujira ghost whale that is part of Japanese mythology.

Step 1
In the beginning, first, sketch a head that is long as well as a long spine from the ghost whale. By using simple lines, sketch out the caudal and pectoral fins.

Step 2
We now need to sketch out the head with precision. Our ghostly whale resembles a skeleton, therefore instead of a normal head, it is drawn with the skull of the whale.

Step 3
Then, using small squares, draw the spine. Next, draw those long bone ridges on top of the crest to the back of the Bake-kujira.

Step 4
We will now look at the particulars of the lower portion of the body. Make a drawing of the bones of the pectoral fins as well as the ribs. Be careful not to get caught in the finer details.

Step 5
In the final step, we’ll sketch the only body part of the Bake-kujira which is covered in skin and flesh the caudal fin.

We’ve drawn many creatures from diverse cultures of the world, and we’re not planning to stop. If you want us to draw your favorite creature, simply write about it in the comments section of this article or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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