Today’s lesson will be about drawing a badger step-by-step. We will show you the fundamental principles of drawing so that you can draw a realistic badger.

Step 1
We draw three circles: the head, the outline of the chest, and the pelvis.

Step 2
With the help of simple geometric figures, draw a narrow muzzle with short paws.

Step 3
Use a smooth line to combine the whole drawing. Sketch out the nose, small eyes, and ears.

Step 4
You can erase the ovals in the first step, and then draw the drawing with clear and dark lines.

Step 5
Let’s begin adding shadows with hatching. You should paint the eyes, nose, and dark parts of your hair.

It was a lesson on drawing a badger. This animal can be drawn with pencils as well as markers or paints. You can also add a background to your drawings. This is because badgers live in forests. You can also draw a badger next to his mink or alongside other animals (e.g. a squirrel).

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