how to draw a backpack

The instruction on the best way to draw the backpack is easy, there are a few subtleties that assist in drawing the rucksack in a more precise manner.

As per tradition, we split the instructions into several easy steps and marked the new lines with red to ease the process of learning as much as we could.

To draw in a backpack, you’ll require the most popular set of art tools, whether it be an art pencil using paper or a tablet with graphics.


Step 1

The first step is to sketch the contours of the Knapsack. In order to do this, we create an oval that has a flat bottom. At this stage, it’s more akin to something like a stone. Beginning with the next stage the backpack will start to develop more distinct designs.




Step 2

We mentioned it earlier, we’ll make our backpacks’ artwork more appealing and well-known look. To achieve this, draw two straps that are behind the design you sketched earlier. Do not attempt to create all lines smooth and dark, as at some point, we’ll require changes to them.




Step 3

Then, at the top of the rucksack, draw on the grab handle with some loose curly lines. After that, you can connect your belt with the lower part of the rucksack, as illustrated in the illustration by the artists at




Step 4

This one will be more simple than previous ones. You only have to draw an opening at the front of the rucksack by drawing two long lines. Make sure to draw an additional slider on the top of the zipper.




Step 5

Let’s do the same thing, however, this time at the top of the backpack. In this case, we’ll also have to show two long curved lines and create another zipper out of these lines. In reality, there could be several zippers on the back of a backpack, so be creative and add various types of backpacks.




Step 6

Let’s add a few features that will make our backpack a more comprehensive appearance. In order to do this, we will first draw the logo on the upper portion of the front and then a small pocket beneath. There is also the option of adding a second zipper, or any other feature you’d like to see included on the back of a backpack.




Step 7

Then, take an eraser and clean off all the guidelines, making your rucksack’s artwork neat and gorgeous. If needed you want to trace and darken important lines and components. Also, make sure to paint your backpack in your preferred color. Colored pencils, paints, or felt-tip pens are ideal to use for these tasks.




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