Baby animals are among the most adorable creatures. This is the reason we developed a step-by-step guide on drawing an adorable baby Zebra.

This instructional guide on drawing the baby zebra isn’t going to be difficult regardless of how it appears. The apparent difficulty is in the many stripes, which aren’t as difficult to draw as it appears.

In actuality, the drawing process for the zebra’s baby and an adult zebra is like drawing the donkey. The major difference is that, unlike other similar animals, zebras have famous stripes.

Step 1

We first outline the geographical location of the baby Zebra on a piece of paper. We also outline the posture of the Zebra. For this, we will require three ovals of different sizes as well as four lines that are elongated. Make sure to organize these forms as in our example.



Step 2

In this stage, we will begin to create the first elements of the drawing of a baby zebra. It is suggested to start by drawing the head. Let’s draw long, elongated ears as well as an extended nose that has an oval outline near the top. Another crucial step during this stage is to draw an even curved line in which we can define the area that the eye is.


Step 3

This is why we continue the instruction on drawing an infant Zebra. We will now draw the outline of the front legs of our Zebra. Make use of rounded shapes for marking joints. Draw the remainder of the legs as elegant, long, elongated figures. Take note of the uneven curves in the distal hooves.


Step 4

Continue with what we did with the last step. We will now draw the legs that are behind. Have a look at this distinctive curve and then compare the size of the legs to what size is the body. In order to determine how proportions are in your child’s Zebra drawing, take a look at it in a mirror.


Step 5

A few lines drawn that are drawn from this stage will be crucial. Draw smooth lines connecting the sides of the torso, at the top and the bottom. By drawing a vertical line, we’ll connect the torso and head of the baby zebra. In this process, we draw rough lines of the small but fluffy baby zebra’s tail.


Step 6

Finish off with some details to shape the appearance of our Zebra. The first step is to draw small eyes with almond shapes and focus on the lines from the previous step. Then, we’ll draw a long but strong enough mane. Be sure to include the insides of the ears of the zebra, it’s an additional step in this process.

Step 7

This is the stage where we don’t draw any drawing whatsoever. We will erase the lines that are not needed and then evaluate the entire baby drawing of a zebra. This is an extremely important step because any mistakes you could skip now can be difficult to fix when you color.


Step 8

Most likely, there isn’t a person who isn’t aware of what a zebra’s appearance is. Everyone is familiar with these famous stripes. Let’s sketch some dark stripes which look like small sections of very dense shading. Particularly dense areas of shading are within the hoof area.


Step 9

This is the end of this lesson on drawing an infant Zebra. If you followed the right procedure and didn’t make any gross mistakes, you will be able to create an infant zebra drawing that is like the one made by the artist of


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