Greetings dear readers. Today we bring you an instructional drawing lesson on drawing an infant bear step-by-step. Also, if you are a fan of bears and would like additional lessons on them, we have articles on Teddy bears and Paddington bears.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the base of our bear baby. Draw a circle to serve as a to guide the head. The torso of this step will take the form of two ovals. The legs will be drawn in simple lines.

Step 2
In this process, we attach ears and muzzles to the face of the infant bear. Join the ovals on the back of the body to the head. Increase the volume of the limbs.

Step 3
In this stage, we start making details for the bear’s baby. Draw both eyes and the nasal area. Make the limbs appear more realistic.

Step 4
Eliminate all rules from the drawing of the baby bear. Draw the lines in a circle, making them crisp like the one we used in our illustration. We usually make the lines of animals fluffy and this is no different. Bears are characterized by a large and fluffy coat of fur, therefore we make small, neat strokes.

Step 5
When you add shadows to your baby bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear in mind that shadows should be placed in places where light is not falling. Don’t forget to draw out the nose and eyes. You can also draw forests in the background.

It was a guide on drawing the baby bear step by step. What do we always say after the drawing is finished? We always tell you that we have accounts on every social network. Therefore, send our tutorials to your acquaintances.

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