Welcome to Artists, we love you! Today, we’ll show the steps to draw the dragon step-by-step. There is a huge variety of sketches and illustrations that come from various fantasy universes, such as Dungeons and Dragons. The dragon we draw most resembles the classic dragon from the epic of the medieval era. Let’s begin the course, and then learn what it takes to draw the dragon!

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the proportions that define the dragon’s body and the position of his body on the page. Try drawing this step without pressing on the pencil so that it is easier to erase the lines. The first step is to sketch an oval as an example of the head. With a long and curving line, draw the neck, spine, and tail. Draw the legs.

Step 2
This step is to include the “flesh” in the drawing of the dragon. Draw a dragon-like figure inspired by the stickman model that we created in earlier steps. The arms of our hero’s front are exactly like human hands. We can clearly see the muscles of the triceps, biceps, deltoids, and forearms. Hind legs are more powerful than a full animal. Fingers must be long and sharp. Necks should be powerful and long.

Step 3
A small step. We sketch out the nose. Draw the eyes with rage. By drawing curved triangles, sketch the horns like in our illustration.

Step 4
The process will be easy. Eliminate the guidelines from your head. Draw the eye like in our illustration. Draw the pupil that is small within the eye to create an animal-like eye. Create wrinkles on the eye area. The jaw of the Dragon is tightly shut and resembles the mouth of a reptile. Make sure to add certain specifics to the face and the horns. Draw the cheekbone and nostril.

Step 5
Continue with our drawing lessons on how to draw the dragon. Draw the ridge of spikes that forms a dragon, starting from the forehead, and moving all the way to the nape. The spikes will get smaller from the forehead up to the neck. Remember not to trace the spikes onto the cheeks.

Step 6
Take away the guidelines from your hands. Mark the lines of your hands, as we did in our example to make them smooth and clear. Include lines of muscles, making them stronger and more supple. In this illustration, we draw the chest and neck muscles (by taking note of the resemblance of the pectoral muscles in our dragon with humans).

Step 7
The lesson continues with drawing the dragon. Then, add the wavy pattern to the facial. Draw the teeth. They are similar to the teeth of a crocodile. Draw lines along the lower section of the body. Mark the lines of the lower limbs, in order to create a smooth and neat appearance. Make lines for muscles that run along the legs.

Step 8
Remove the guidelines off the back of the dragon. Draw patterns on the stomach of the dragon. Draw the lines on the wings.

Step 9
Continue drawing the dragon. At this point, you sketch a texture of scale by using short curving lines. The texture should be a complete cover for the part of the body except for the belly and wings. Include the veins on the wings.

Step 10
We’ve reached the final part of the tutorial where we draw an eagle. Using smooth, light strokes create shadows. Don’t forget to include casting a shadow.

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