How to Draw a Acacia Tree Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1:

Begin drawing roots. Draw some long and extremely thick, slightly jagged lines as well as some points. Join them to the highest point.

Step 2:

Then, draw the tree’s trunk. To either end of each root draw an upward straight line slightly bulging in the middle and with the upward direction.

Step 3:

Then sketch the branches. From the upper and lower sides of your tree then draw an outward Oblique line. Draw the two “V’s” that are slightly inclined.

Step 4:

Draw the branches. From the uppermost point of your left branch create a long, curved line with a tiny curve that extends toward the outside. This is a branch of a tree. You can continue drawing branches from the other branch and through the middle of the branch. The right branch is left without any branches.

Step 5:

For the final step make the leaves. Draw tiny ovals with pointed edges from the branches on the left. Continue this process with all the twigs and branches.

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