How to Draw a 3D Bottle

How to Draw a 3D Bottle

Step 1:

Before we can draw a 3D bottle, we need to know how to draw it from the side. These guidelines should be drawn. These guidelines were drawn by me. You can use a ruler to determine how long your lines should be. However, this is optional. Krita users might use the square with 1 height and any width to draw lines.

Step 2:

Before we can draw a 3D bottle, we need to know how 3D cylinders and cones are drawn. You can draw as many pairs as you want, but make sure that the ratio of height and width is the same for each pair. Ovals can be difficult to draw if you don’t draw digitally. However, just do your best.

Step 3:

We are now ready for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a bottle in perspective. We need to first draw two lines to reach our point of vanishing. If you’re using Krita, or similar, then use the “Assistant Tool” in “perspective Mode” to place an assistant across the two lines. However, if not, a simple straight line up the middle will do. Next, draw an oval at the bottom, touching the lines but not through them. You can draw another one higher up that touches the lines, but not too close to the top as there will be other things.

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