How to Draw 6ix9ine

How to Draw 6ix9ine

Step 1:

We will start by making a simple form and then facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Then we sketch out the form of 6ix9ine’s face , however this rendition of him appears more cartoon-like than real.

Step 3:

Draw the wide, shark-like mouth shape. Then draw in the sharp shark teeth. Color your mouth’s interior. Include some nasal holes as well as the jaw.

Step 4:

Draw the big, oval eyes, and then color them by removing an empty ring in the eye area.

Step 5:

Draw one or two facial tattoos. Also, add color to those eyebrows.

Step 6:

We’ll draw the drool running from his mouth, which it is shown here.

Step 7:

Finally make the long, heavy locks that are called Dreads. They are thick and full. Remove any mistakes after which you’re all done.

Step 8:

Here’s this line artwork. Then color it in 6ix9ine in bright, rainbow-colored tones.

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