How to Draw 3dvkarts Shoes Step by Step

This tutorial will show you how to draw three views of different types of anime shoes. These examples include running shoes, high heels shoes, shoes for school, boots, slippers, sandals, and shoes that can be worn on the floor.


Anime shoes drawing

These examples represent the most common types of footwear seen in manga and anime. This tutorial shows you some of the most common angles and views they are drawn from. These examples show the front, 3/4, and side views.

Step-by-step drawing of anime running shoes

Anime running shoes drawing step by step

This tutorial’s first example is the running shoe. These shoes are easy to draw, but they often have more detail than other types of shoes due to their more complicated designs.

Step 1: Estimate the position of your feet

Anime running shoe feet drawing

It’s worth estimating the foot position before you draw the shoes. Running shoes will have the feet in their natural position (flat on the ground). This will allow you to judge the shoe’s size and how it should fit on your foot.

You don’t have to draw the entire foot with all the toes each time you draw shoes. As shown in the above example, you can sketch their outline.

When drawing on paper, make sure you use very thin lines so that the foot can be easily erased after you have drawn the shoe.

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Step 2: Draw the outline of the shoes

Anime running shoes see-through drawing

The outlines of your shoes should be drawn around/on top of your feet.


Many running shoes have soft padding and are thicker than most other types of shoes. You should draw the outline of running shoes a distance from your feet.

Anime running shoe outline drawing

You can remove the shoe-covered part of your foot to create a clean drawing, like the one shown above.

Step 3 – Draw the details of the shoes

Anime running shoes drawing

To finish the drawing, add the details and design elements to the shoe. These details will make the shoe more attractive and help to define its shape.

Step-by-step drawing of Anime High Heels Shoes

Anime high-heel shoes drawing step by step

Another common type of anime footwear is high-heeled shoes. These shoes are very simple, but they can pose challenges when drawing.

Step 1: Estimate the position of your feet

Anime high heel shoe feet drawing

Similar to the previous example, draw a light outline of your feet (the examples have darker lines so you can see them better).

Two things can make it difficult to position the foot in high-heeled shoes. The first is that high heel shoes will place the feet on their toes. The second is that the narrow tips of the shoes will squeeze the toes together.

It is easy to see that the feet are on the toes in the 3/4 or side views. It can be confusing in the front view. To show this, you will need to make the area between your toes and protruding bones on each foot longer than if you were drawing them flat on the ground.

They squeezed their toes in the front view. This will also be the best. The big toe will be more pointed inwards towards the tip of your shoes. The same goes for the toes at the opposite end. The toes at the middle of your foot will remain the same.

While you don’t necessarily have to draw the toes first, it is a good idea.

Step 2: Draw the outline of the shoes

Anime high-heel shoes see-through drawing

High heels shoes are often very thin, so it is best to avoid shoes with high heels.


You can draw the shoes on top of the outline of your feet, just like in the first example.

Step 3 – Draw the details of the shoes

Anime high heel shoe drawing

You can clean up the drawing by erasing any areas of the shoe that are not covered. Then, you can add darker lines to the areas that need them. This high-heel shoe design has fewer details than the previous one, so it is easier to draw them.

Step by step drawing anime school shoes

Anime school shoes drawing step by step

This is the most popular type of shoe seen in manga and anime that revolves around school life. Although there are many styles and designs for anime and manga school shoes, they all look the same as the one above.

Step 1: Estimate the position of your feet

Anime school shoe feet drawing

These shoes are often for women and have a slightly higher heel than the male ones. These shoes will have a slightly raised heel so your feet will look slightly angled when you wear them.

The above illustration shows the foot’s position when wearing this shoe. Similar to the high heel example, draw the foot in front. Make the space between the toes a little longer. This will show that the heel has been slightly elevated. You can draw your heel slightly higher than normal for the 3/4 and side views.

Step 2: Draw the outline of the shoes

Anime school shoes see-through drawing

The outline of the shoes should be drawn around the feet. Because they are often made of thin leather, you can easily draw them close to your foot.

Anime school shoe outline drawing

Once you have drawn the main shape of your foot, erase the areas that are covered by the shoes.

Step 3 – Draw the details of the shoes

Anime school shoes drawing

You can draw in details like the split between the sole and the rest of the shoe, as well as lines that indicate where different parts of the shoe are joined.

Step-by-step drawing anime boots

Anime boots drawing step by step

Another example of footwear that is often seen in manga and anime is the boots. They are more varied than high-heeled shoes. In this instance, we’ll stick with simple, generic-looking leather boots.

Step 1: Estimate the position of your feet

Anime boots feet drawing

These boots do not have a high heel so your foot will be almost flat on the ground.


Step 2: Draw the outline of the boots

Anime boots see-through drawing

After you have drawn the outline of your feet, draw the boot’s outer shape around it. Because leather isn’t a thick material, the portion of the boot around the leg will be very close. These boots (without zippers or laces), will be looser around the leg to make it easier for people to get in. This can be shown by drawing the part further away from your leg.

Anime boots outline drawing

Once you have the outline for the boots, erase the leg outline.

Step 3 – Draw details for the boots

Anime boots drawing

You can add some basic details like the sole or a few folds to the leather.

Step-by-step drawing anime slippers

Anime slippers drawing step by step

Slippers, such as the one in the above example, are another common footwear item in manga and anime. Slippers are often worn by female characters around the house.

Step 1 – Draw your Feet

Anime slippers feet drawing

The foot will remain in its natural position, flat on the ground, when the slippers are worn.

Step 2: Draw the slippers

Anime slippers see-through drawing

These slippers have a thin sole and a slightly “puffy” front. The outline of the slipper should be drawn at a distance from your foot.

Anime slippers drawing

You can now erase the slippers from the front of your feet and continue with the drawing.

Step-by-step drawing Anime sandals

Anime sandals drawing step by step

Sandals are a common choice for anime characters walking on the streets or going to the beach in the summer.

Step 1 – Draw your Feet

Anime sandals feet drawing

You will notice the sandals covering most of the foot so it is important to draw the feet out. The feet will be again flat on the ground in this instance.

Step 2: Draw the Sandals

Anime sandals see-through drawing

These sandals are usually made up of a sole and a few bands that run between the big toes. The bands should be drawn in a way that overlaps the foot.

Anime sandals drawing

To finish, erase the sandal-covered areas of the feet and add darker lines to your drawing.


It is important to understand the basic shape of your feet before you can draw realistic-looking shoes, anime included. While you don’t have to draw every toe and foot separately to draw shoes, it’s a good idea at least to sketch their basic shapes. This is especially important if you’re a beginner artist who wants to practice.

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