We start a crucial drawing instruction for us. Today we sketch a person that is significant to us. Tupac Shakur had a significant influence on the evolution of the world’s culture. Additionally, his influence was felt by all members of the 3dvkarts team. With great enthusiasm and a sense that he is responsible as we begin our drawing class on the art of drawing with 2pac.

Step 1

The figure will be drawn of a famous man using the fundamental guidelines for drawing. From the perspective from anatomy perspective, we can see an elongated male figure who sits in front. The body height is the length of the five heads. Your chest must be at least a little longer than the pelvis.


Step 2

Draw the outline of your body, which slims towards the waist. Draw a triangular pelvis as illustrated in our photo. Next, sketch out the legs and arms with regular geometric forms. Remember that in the initial steps, we need to use thin lines.


Step 3

We can now add more specifics to this picture. We’ll begin with the head, drawing out the headband eyes, nose, and mouth. On the head, sketch the outline of the ear and cigarette. Moving down, we’ll move to the lower part of the head and draw the outline of the chain with a decorative design, pants, and the holster that is in the belt.


Step 4

We can now begin to draw the specifics of this magnificent man’s look. Beginning with the head, gently draw the eyes closed as well as the mouth, nose, and eyes. Next, we carefully sketch the outline of the jaw using an ear, beard, and headband. Use the eraser to gently remove all guidelines that are not needed off the head.


Step 5

Then we’ll draw the specifics of the physique. In continuation of the jaw lines, we draw the shoulders. We draw trapezoid muscle. Below, draw lines of the clavicles as well as muscle pectoral muscles that are well-defined. Drawing large back muscles as well as abdominal muscles.


Step 6

Then let’s trace the arms. The first step is to draw the deltoid muscles. A little further down draw your biceps muscle of forearms. Draw your hands in a fist and erase the entire guideline. It is recommended to read this drawing instruction so as to not have any problems in drawing fists.


Step 7

In this stage, we’ll sketch out shoes and pants in greater detail. The first step is to draw the contours of the outside and then erase the guidelines of the three previous steps. It is recommended to draw wide pants. Don’t forget to draw a small constriction on the foot.

Following that, draw folds. They look like normal flowing lines. It is crucial to determine the proper place of the folds.


Step 8

It’s time to start working on the shadows that are rising. To draw shadows in a correct manner first, imagine the source of light. After considering this takes a careful sketch of the outline of the shadows. Then, paint them using hatching. To create more dark-colored hatching, you can create a second layer of hatching. Likewise, for shadows with lighter shades, employ smaller hatching.


Then, we finished the drawing lessons of this legendary man. We made sure to do it with an understanding of the responsibility. We hope you get the best outcome. If you’re a lover of Tupac Shakur’s creativity, then you may have noticed we sketched him with one of his most well-known photographs as a base. Learn to draw the great artist from his many photos and freeze frames taken from his videos. We’ll see you soon!


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