How to color hair using copic markers

How to color hair using copic markers

Step one:

To complete this step, you’ll require mixed media paper as well as two or three markers. I used four markers to add more layers and color as well as like However, one or two markers should be adequate.

Step two:

Choose the lightest shade and begin to color close to the area of hair. This is the darkest spot in the color you’ve chosen. I chose the widest side for this as it’s more difficult to cover.

Step three:

When you have all the hair colored, this is what you should expect to see.

Step four:

Pick the smallest marker and begin to trace the areas of the hair that should be darker. These areas are close to the part, small hair sections, and areas where the hair curls slightly. (The subsequent step should clear this issue a bit)

Step five:

Repeat the step four times until your hair appears like this. These areas of darker hair are the ones you’ll have to go over. Stop coloring here or move on ahead to step.

Step six:

Use the second marker with the lightest weight and begin to go over other areas. This is the portion, as well as the areas where hair is split off.

Step seven:

It could look similar to this.

Step eight:

Pick the darkest shade and begin to outline the entire area, as well as the sections. It is recommended to lesser of the marker that the most light marker.

Step nine:

Choose your second-lightest shade and apply it to certain areas to mix it in more.

Step ten:

Select your darkest color (in this case , black) and apply it to the section like and some of the darkest sections.

Step eleven:

It’s going to look like this after you’re finished. Feel free to make any changes on anythingyou want:)

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