Welcome to our drawing tutorial, where we teach you how easy it is to sketch sports car models. In our earlier drawing lessons, we showed how to draw what to draw the sports car however this one is much simpler. We will demonstrate how to draw sports cars by using the illustration that we used of Lamborghini however, by following this tutorial, you’ll be in a position to draw any vehicle.

Step 1
Therefore, using angular lines sketch the main outline that will form the outline of the sports vehicle’s physique.

Step 2
An easy step which we draw our wheels.

Step 3
In the upper portion, we draw the lines of the windows on the sports car.

Step 4
Lower the car a bit and draw lines for the mirror in the rear and the door.

Step 4 Draw out the rear and front bumpers and headlights.

Step 5
Eliminate all lines of excess from the front. Draw an eye light and trim the hood more rounded.

Step 6
Draw precisely the roof and the lines of the doors and windows and remove all lines from the sides of the vehicle.

Step 7
The same process can be done with the rear of the sports vehicle. eliminate lines that aren’t needed and create lines that are sharper and darker.

Step 8
Let’s look at the wheels. We sketch wheel arches and wheels using the outline of the rims.

Step 9
The final step is where is drawing the rims. You could draw them exactly as the ones we have shown or use any other style (or take a look at the other lessons on drawing in the “Cars” category) or “Cars” category).

The lesson was focused on how it is easy to draw sports automobiles. If you enjoyed this drawing lesson but it’s too easy for you, then take a look at the lessons on Ferraris as well as Race Cars. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues. other of our articles, and to subscribe to us on social media.

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