Horse Drawing Step by Step || 3D Pencil Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1:

In this stage, we are beginning to draw our horse. The first step is to draw an arc in the middle of the page. We then draw simple curves in order to make the form of our forehead.

Step 2:
In this stage, we’re creating the shape of the horse’s head as well as muzzle. Draw simple curves, then join them to form the shape in an array. Then, draw a tiny contour on the front of your face in order to form the muzzle’s shape.

Step 3:
In this stage, we are drawing the shoulders and the legs from the horses. The first step is to draw the curvature of a line to make the shoulder shape. In the end create the front legs for a 3D horse. We draw the curve from the neck pin and move to the lower section of the sheet. We will repeat the same process we complete using the other legs and the girth.

Step 4:
In this stage, we will try to draw them back towards the horse’s tail and legs. Draw a curvature around the circumference, and then draw an outline of the legs. Then, we draw the lower half of the animal. Draw two lines that curve and join them to form the tail’s shape.

Step 5:
In this process, we will give an overall color to the body. Paint the lighter brown color over the entire body. Find out more about how to draw flowers using pencil.

Step 6:
In this stage we will provide the dark brown color of the body as well as the black hue for the heels. Our drawings appear great and are noticeable. After we have painted our body we apply the heel in black.

Step 7:
We draw shadows under the horse’s body during the final step, even the drawing appears to be an illustration in 3D.

Then we’re finished with our 3D horse drawing. We have learned fast how to draw the horse step-by-step. It’s been a challenge to draw. After this drawing, you’ll be in a position to draw any 3D animal drawing. Our children love drawing diverse animal species. We have provided an extremely efficient method of drawing anything step-by-step. Awesome Drawing offers a variety of categories for drawing different kinds of drawings in a highly efficient manner. Learn to draw sketches, cartoons and imaginative drawing ideas in a short time. I hope that you have enjoyed this video and gained much about drawing. Begin working on your drawing to get it perfect.

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