Hopelessly Devoted Drawing Lesson

Hopelessly Devoted Drawing Lesson

Step one:

Since these figures are easy to draw, we’ll not follow any guidelines. Start sketching the head shapes for each figure, as you can see in this picture.

Step two:

Then, draw the large, expressive eyes with blush marks on their cheeks and in between the eyes of the boy. Then, draw a bow into the hair or on the head of her.

Step three:

Begin with the girl at first. Draw her arms as she reaches out to him, then draw the form that her figure has. It is very easy to draw figures. After you’ve finished drawing the girl, you can draw the arms of the boy and draw the the wrist.

Step four:

The only thing you need to draw is the lines that outline the lower body of the boy.

Step five:

Then, finish their bodies by adding legs. For an adorable finish, draw an lines of crease to create the girl’s butt. Of course , you can keep the crack in If you wish.

Step six:

The final stage of drawing, sketch the heart being kept by the chest with the frills of ruffle over the heart. Finish with a few minor details and you’re finished. You can erase any mistakes you may have made.

Step seven:

Here’s this line drawing. You can now color in the adorable lovebirds.

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