Holly Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

You could use the simple step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

There are just three easy drawing steps to follow for this lesson on drawing the holly. Begin with a perfect circle that is able to be whatever size you like. Then you need to create three long hairs that resemble those used as the starting point for the leaves of holly.

Step 2

You are now drawing each holly leaf in the manner you can see in this picture, making certain that your leaves have been drawn using sharp spikes. You are going to incorporate the indentations on the bottom of the holly leaf as you can see in this picture, which will be indentations to the holly fruits.

Step 3.

To draw the final stage, all you need be doing is trace the veins that run through the middle of each leaf of holly. After that draw three hollys as shown here, and group them together. Eliminate all the concepts and shapes, then move into the drawing step.

Step 4

You have just completed this incredibly easy “how to draw a holly tree step-by-step” lesson. Color your Christmas leaves and you’re finished. You did a great job, and please stay tuned to draw more enjoyment!

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