Harry Potter Coloring Pages

Everyone could use some magical in our daily lives. That is precisely how is what the Harry Potter series has done for many!

This is a book series that began with seven books, and has since been expanded to movies, video games and all other forms of medium you could imagine.

Here’s a chance for us to commemorate the Harry Potter series by offering these no-cost Harry Potter coloring pages for youngsters!

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This is a collection of fifteen amazing pages to choose from, print, color and have fun with. You can also share them with the other muggles around you!

There are other small specifics like the lightning bolt mark, which will keep you busy in spite of the simplicity of the style.

We’re excited to see what you do with this image of Harry!

The Harry Potter series is full of a myriad of fantastic and bizarre characters. The latest one we’re highlighting is among the most popular!

Luna Lovegood is a character who was introduced in the later part of the series. She is an extremely funny and enjoyable character.

She believes in a variety of things that other people consider absurd, yet she isn’t one to let anyone discourage her.

In terms of her appearance she is a light blonde hair. She is also a member of Ravenclaw. The school’s residence is mainly blues in its color scheme. You might want to incorporate blues to this photo.

Harry is joined in almost every adventure of his two best friends one of whom is the subject of our very first Harry Potter coloring sheet!

Hermione Granger is renowned for her intelligence and determination Hermione Granger is drawn in a cute comical style in this image. What are you going to do to begin with this set of colors?

Another amazing illustration of Hermione in the second page. In this image, she’s wearing her school uniform, and she appears to be at the moment of casting an spell.

The school she attends is Gryffindor This means that you can add tiny gold and red to symbolize the house colors in her uniform!

Harry returns for more coloring fun and this time, he’s not by himself! In this hilarious scene, he’s with his beloved Owl Hedwig.

Owls within Harry Potter’s world Harry Potter universe are used predominantly as mail delivery agents however, Hedwig has repeatedly proved to be a faithful companion and friend to Harry.

Hedwig is a white snow Owl, however, even when you keep to these hues, there are lots of details about Harry and his clothes that you can color.

It is also possible to add interesting background details to make the scene look more professional!

The next page that we have in this collection of no-cost Harry Potter coloring pages designed for children There is one of Harry’s most beloved friends.

Hermione Granger is among the first friendships that Harry meets at Hogwarts She is among the most popular characters from the Harry Potter universe.

She is renowned for being exceptionally intelligent and skilled as well as very loyal to her companions. They also have her cat, Crookshanks, and this cat is described as bright orange.

What colors do you plan to use for this depiction of Hermione?

The third page shows Hermione wearing a casual dress however, she’s appearing serious! Her wand is ready, which means she’s likely on an exciting adventure with her pals!

Maybe you can sketch a background that represents an episode from the movies where the actress was dressed as she was.

Color in the man himself as Harry is the subject of this next page! He’s also wearing his school uniform and we also get a closer glimpse of the details like his badge and tie.

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