Harp Drawing easy Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw Dexter Step by Step | Dexter’s Laboratory

Step 1

Draw a frame that looks like an upside-down triangle. Next, draw the base instructions.

Step 2

Now, draw the beautiful curving neck design shown here. Next, add more lines to make the shape of your three-dimensional harp. Move on to the next step once you have pulled the neck turret.

Step 3

This is the final step. All you need to do now is to thicken the neck, and add strings. You can now erase all guides you created in step 1. Then, move on to the next step and see how your harp looks when it is finished.

Step 4

This is the final product. You can now color it. This concludes the tutorial on drawing a harp, step by step.



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