Halloween Scarecrow Silhouette Drawing Lesson

Halloween Scarecrow Silhouette Drawing Lesson

Step one:

We’ll begin as we do every time and that is drawing a body and head outline. Draw the guidelines for facial features also.

Step two:

Begin to draw the scarecrow’s hat and then sketch an outline for the face.

Step three:

The next step is to draw the arms and shoulders after which you draw the hay coming out of the sleeves. Be sure to add the hay sticking out of the sleeves as well as close to your arm pit.

Step four:

We’ll cap off the lower part of the shirt, and draw the remainder of the body. The wispy edges must be drawn neatly.

Step five:

Finally sketch and color the pole, and then draw the face of the monster. Make sure to erase any mistakes you’ve made any mistakes in the guide too.

Step six:

Here’s this line drawing. Enjoy coloring your Halloween scarecrow.

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