Grinch Drawing Step by Step tutorial || Christmas

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

RHINO Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

In this Grinch guide we’ll show the character in a iconic Santa Claus outfit. The most important thing to consider is his Santa hat Let’s begin today!

To draw the hat create a bumpy curve in order to form an oval shape which will be an elongated base for the hat.

Use a curving line ascending from there to create an edging for the Santa hat.

Make sure to keep the top of your hat as thin as you draw it, and put a braid on the top on the cap.

Step 2 – Begin with the Grinch’s Head.
It’s been drawn already and now let’s begin by drawing what’s on the bottom of your Grinch’s drawing. Begin by drawing some sharp lines that are jagged in the corners of the base of the hat. This will reveal the fur sticking out of the hat.

Draw an inward-facing curved line with these tufts. Leave small gaps at the very end.

Step 3: Next begin on the side of the Grinch
The Dr. Seuss has a very individual style, particularly when it comes to facial expressions. Grinch’s face is sharp with angles and lines. his eyes are aimed towards the downwards, giving him the look of a threatening face.

The nose of the person will be tiny with a line running down. Then, eventually the mouth will move beneath the line, and it will form the shape of a curving line, with a pointed point at the middle.

You can also draw a small part of his neck which is like the bottom on the cap. This creates a comfortable collar to go with the Grinch’s costume.

Step 4 – Now Draw Grinch’s Arms
Grinch always seems to be making plans, and to demonstrate this, we’ll keep Grinch’s arm at his side.

His arms will extend directly from his collar and be outlined with an angled, curving line that will end at the hands of his.

Then , his belly will be traced with the wavy line running towards the bottom to show him little of belly.

Step 5: Draw the straps and a few particulars
We’ll draw the belt of Grinch. Grinch in this section of the Grinch instructional.

It’s a similar design like the one you chose to make the base of the collar and hat, to create the soft, feminine look of these components.

Once you’ve drawn the waistline, add lines to his waist and arms to create an elongated shape.

Step 6: Next Draw his hips
The next part to the Grinch drawing, let’s create his soft hips.

They’ll be drawn with the curves of his waist and some lines that are jagged to make a furry-looking appearance.

Make sure you leave two tiny gaps at the bottom of your drawing when you draw your legs for the following step!

Step 7 – Complete by putting your foot down.
Step 7 in our Grinch tutorial is making the legs, before proceeding to coloring!

His legs are quite small when compared to the rest his body. As you can observe in the image referenced they’re made up of two pieces.

You can draw some curves on his hips in order to make the tops on his legs. After that, you can draw his large and flat feet under the ankles.

With your feet in place your feet, you’re now ready for your next move! Before moving forward make sure you draw any final details you’d like.

You could draw a beautiful background using your favorite story from the book or perhaps draw his dog! What intriguing details could you come up with to add to your Grinch’s drawing?

Step 8 – Now you can finish your Grinch’s sketch using colors
This brings us to the last step that you have completed the Grinch drawing! There are a lot of exciting shades in your amazing artwork.

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