Gorgeous 3D Paper Tulip Flower Craft Step by Step

How to make a paper tulip flower craft

Folded Paper Sunflower Craft Step by Step


– Paper tulip craft pattern Get tulip designs-green card
Green card
– Red, yellow and dark red cardboard (or any color you choose).
– scissors
– glue


1. Print the tulip craft template onto paper and cut the individual pieces. The pattern can also be printed on white paper. You can colorize the pieces.
2. Each of the six tulip paper sheets should be folded in half. Your glue stick can be used to glue one half of the papertulips. Next, glue the second half of the paper tulips to it. Continue to add glue until the six pieces are glued together. This creates a 3D-printed paper tulip.
3. You can make as many 3D paper flowers as you want in your paper-tulip craft. Next, adhere each paper tulip to your blue cardstock. Vary the height of each flower.
4. Each of your paper tulips will have its stems cut. Glue the stems to each flower’s base. Next, cut the branches that hang from the bottom of the green card with a pair of scissors.
5. Two flower spikes can be glued to each of the tulip papers. You can add depth to your floristry by folding the tops of the stems.

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