Girl With Moon Balloon Drawing Lesson

Girl With Moon Balloon Drawing Lesson

Step 1:

Start by establishing the basics of the body’s shape and the face. The first drawing is the most important step.

Step 2:

Draw the outline of her face. She has a prominent forehead that seems to kind of show her youthful age.

Step 3:

Next, sketch or draw the hair and ears of your model. Remember to draw the beginning of her neck as well.

Step 4:

Let’s begin drawing the arm and shoulder and arm, which will later be covered by the skirt she’s wearing.

Step 5:

Then, we can work to finish the lower part of her skirt as well as the shoes/legs.

Step 6:

My absolute favorite part! Draw the flower like the string that looks balloon that is attached to the moon.

Step 7:

Draw the moon and the planet she’s standing on , and then draw thin lines with pencil to make etchings of the particulars.

Step 8:

Once you’ve erased your initial guidelines, you’ll likely have something similar to this! I hope you’ve enjoyed this course Thank you for taking the time to watch!

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