Girl and Horse Drawing Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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In the beginning we will draw a woman riding an animal step-by-step. In the beginning, we must sketch the top part of her cap along the curve in order to draw the hat. We then have to draw her face. It is necessary drawing the eye of the girl, and then draw her nose and draw her cheeks. If these drawings are made then we must draw the neck of the girl. We then have to draw her chest. Once the chest of the girl is drawn, then we need to draw the hand of the girl perched in the saddle. We then have to draw her legs. Our sketch now looks nice and attractive.

Step 2:
When the first step has been completed, we need to finish the next step of how to draw a girl on the back of a horse. We first have to shade the legs of the girl and then make a design for the saddle blanket and then must create the saddle. We also need to cut the hair of the horse and after that we need to build the horse and mount.

Step 3:
In the third step the next step is to draw the remainder of the horse as it’s the image of a woman riding on a horse. In the beginning, we focused on the head of the horse. After that, we draw the neck of the horse, as well as draw the shoulder of the horse. The next step is sketch the front arm and knee joints, the ankle joint and the hooves of the leg of the horse. Then , we need shades for the horse in order to appear attractive and beautiful. Find out how to draw horses.

Step 4:
When the third step is completed, we are now to create a pencil shadows in the girl. It is necessary to shade the girl with the horse.

Step 5:
In the last stage of drawing simple girls, we will finish the last part of our sketch, which is how to draw a female riding an horse step by step. This step requires us to shade all sketches when you need to. Our sketch will look good and attractive.

In this tutorial , we’ve created a simple sketch drawing of a girl and how to draw a the horse riding girl. In this video , we will to master how to sketch and draw easily. This video tutorial is extremely helpful for those who are new to drawing and is also helpful for kids. We hope you enjoyed our guide. Great Drawing Ideas provides different kinds of tutorials that can help you learn. Keep an eye out for how to draw.

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