Five Nights At Freddy’s Coloring Pages

At first glance, animatronic animals in restaurants shouldn’t seem scary. However, this feature is something that many people love in real life.

Five Nights At Freddy’s game series demonstrated how creepy this concept can be. It features sinister versions robotic animals that torture the player.

These coloring pages from Five Nights At Freddy’s are free for children and aim to highlight the most famous characters in this series.

These pages are free to you, and even better if you share them with your friends!

As we begin this collection, be prepared for some scary coloring.

The Drawing Of A Yellow Butterfly

Freddy can transform into a terrifying robot-monster, but this image shows him in the more normal form he is during the day.

We would choose brighter and happier colors for Freddy because we are focusing on his less sinister side.

To make colors brighter and happier, you could also use mediums such as colored markers and pens.

This is the look we want, but would you choose darker colors to hint at what’s to come?

Although the Circus Baby is a new addition to Five Nights At Freddy’s roster, she still makes a big impression with her distinctive look.

In her normal form she looks a lot like a Harlequin, but she stands out from the rest.

Her white and red color scheme makes her stand out. You can also use it for this illustration to really make this page pop!

If you’d like, you could give her a color change.

What color will Circus Baby look like?

The main bear, Freddy Fazbear, is the first page of our Five Nights At Freddy’s coloring pages.

This is him before he transformed into his scarier self. He still looks cute and friendly.

What colors would you use to make Freddy look more innocent?

Although the first page featured a less creepy version of one of these characters (which may have been true), the next page brings out the creepiness!

We are now looking at Foxy, the villain. This is the disturbing version of a Foxy, as the name implies. It’s definitely not someone you would want to be able to meet in dark restaurants.

In this third image, we have another version of Freddy Fazbear. This image shows Freddy Fazbear in a cartoonier style, which captures some of his creepier characteristics.

This rendition will be colored to look like Freddy in the games. Or, will you make Freddy’s own color scheme?

Freddy is back in this image and looks a little more sinister. Although he hasn’t yet transformed into his most terrifying form, he is making progress and looking quite menacing.

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