Elf On the Shelf Drawing Lesson

Elf On the Shelf Drawing Lesson

Step one:

It’s easy to begin, just draw guidelines and forms to create an elf’s body shelf.

Step two:

Now, let’s get started drawing the form that your character’s face will take. And make sure you add the bangs and detail to the inner of the ears.

Step three:

Utilize your facial lines to draw the big eyes. Paint the pupils with color before drawing the eyes with a simple smile, and curls that are cupped between the eye.

Step four:

Draw in the elf’s cape, neck and collar that is ruffled. You can take your time if require, but there’s no need to rush.

Step five:

Moving on to the body and drawing, draw the arms the torso, and legs. The elf on the shelf is sitting position. This makes it simpler sketch a shelf underneath his lower.

Step six:

Finally, draw the hand in the cuff of the sleeve. Make sure you erase the mistakes if you’ve made any and also the instructions.

Step seven:

Here’s the final sketch when you’re done. Have time coloring your own version of the elf that is on the shelf.

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