Elf on the Shelf Coloring Pages

Are you sure you’ll add your details to the image after it is colored?

This page has a very imaginative scene that you can color. The elf appears to be floating in his imagination and is surrounded with various shapes.

It would be great to use as many vibrant and expressive colors as possible for these background elements.

You could also use a mixture of different mediums and crafts to create the details of your image.

Princess Peach Coloring Pages

This image would be a great one to add extra details! What creative background elements could you add?

It is easy to see that the cute little elf sitting on the shelf coloring page is not difficult.

You can imagine him on any object, no matter if it is a shelf or a table. He might be sitting on a chair. Elf are small in stature so a chair would make a great seat.

You have the option of choosing between the classic red and green color combination.

However, there are no set rules for coloring. Your child can choose from bright or pastel tones.

Isn’t it adorable? We think so. Look at him, sitting peacefully on the corner of the table, smiling.

His joyful personality fits perfectly with the holiday spirit. They are not only Santa Claus’ little helpers and messengers, but they are also great at spreading joy.

You can bet your child will love these printable elf on shelf coloring pages. They look so adorable!

You can color it red or green to match the Christmas decorations if you so desire. There are no rules so you can even paint a Christmas tree behind the little elf.

Our charming and tiny elf is sitting comfortably on this next elf coloring page.

The entire background is white so you can let creativity run. You can also paint a small chair to match your elf’s dimensions.

His smile makes him seem so relaxed!

He is surrounded by Christmas decorations, and helps to make toys for children. He is a happy little Elf!

What would you put on the Elf on the Shelf coloring sheet? You can really show the Christmas spirit with a little glitter

The Christmas season is associated with the elf on a shelf. We will see an additional connection in the next scene.

The elf appears to be climbing a Christmas tree.

Bright and vivid greens would be used for the tree and baubles. You can even create your own decorations.

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