Elephant Coloring Pages

You may be aware that elephants are one of the most large land animals in the world. Elephants are known for their enormous size and intelligence, as well as being caring, intelligent, and friendly.

Elephants are adorable with their long trunks and wide, flat ears. They also have thick legs. They are so adorable that children love them.

With our collection of elephant coloring pages, you can now take your child on a journey through the animal kingdom. These sheets can be downloaded and printed for free. Let the coloring fun begin!

Are there other colors or mediums that you could use?

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Although elephants can be gentle giants, it is possible for them to become dangerous if you play with them. You wouldn’t want an elephant to get in your way when it is charging!

The elephant on the page is safe, but you might want to leave quickly if you found yourself in that position in real life.

This creates a dramatic scene. You can use the same colors and techniques to color the page to represent that tense moment.

What can you do to make this moment more important and weighty with your colors?

Elephants are one of the most powerful and largest animals on Earth. Elephants can reach up to 4 meters high and weigh as much as 7 tons.

These impressive mammals can also be gentle and adorable.

You’ll see what we mean when you look at the beautiful elephant on our first coloring page.

The adorable baby elephant with its small trunk and floppy ears looks so cute. A classic grey shade would be a good choice.

Did you know elephants have approximately 150,000 muscles in their trunks? The trunk is actually an extension to their nose and upper lip. It’s a versatile tool.

Elephants use their trunks for communication, eating, drinking, and to grab items.

The adorable baby elephant in our second coloring page has a big smile on his face and holds his trunk high in the air.

Although we don’t know his plans for the future, it seems like he is trying to get something. This picture can be made with any color you want.

While we’ve seen some elephants who look quite angry and dangerous in this collection of photos, the one here is calm and friendly.

We would therefore choose lighter shades and colors.

You can use watercolor paints and colored pencils to create lighter shades.

These would be more relaxing, but what if you want something brighter? You can choose whatever you like, it will all look great!

This next page is quite unique in our collection.

This side view is a nice addition to the picture. You could draw the environment that the elephant is moving through.

If you want to create a background for the elephant’s absence, you can look at pictures of the African wilderness.

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