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The team at 3dvkarts.net is going to show you how to draw a camera. This tutorial will show you how to draw a camera. This is just one of many instructions on electronics. We publish TVs and microphones.


Step 1

Let’s begin with the camera’s body. We will depict it in the shape of a rectangular, geometric shape. You should draw very loose lines.




Step 2

Draw an oval. This will be the front surface for the camera lens. This oval should be uniform and symmetrical.




Step 3

You can transform the oval into a cylinder by adding lines to it. Our sketch now looks more like a camera drawing.




Step 4

The mirror’s location is shown at the top of the camera. The flash can be found in the same area but from outside.




Step 5

You can remodel the upper left corner to place the shutter release switch there. The button should be placed at an angle.



Step 6

Make the corners of your case more rounded. Draw a button to release the lens. Make sure to show the side view of the camera, so it appears more vibrant.



Step 7

Let’s now make the camera lens look more real. As 3dvkarts.net artists did in this example, you can draw a series of ovals.



Step 8

Take the eraser and put aside your pencil. You can now create a beautiful, detailed camera drawing with the help of an eraser.



Step 9

The lens and camera should be painted blue. Then add shadows using hatching to make the image more vibrant and beautiful.



This concludes the instruction on drawing a camera. Do you find this instruction simple and beautiful? We read all comments and will respond to as many as possible.

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