Easy Christmas drawings

The holidays always bring an interest in easy Christmas drawings ideas. Santa and Elves and Gingerbread houses are on lots of young minds, so they are the perfect subject matter for practicing drawing skills.

As a former classroom art teacher, I spent years watching students go through the process of learning how to draw. Many were often confused as to how and where to start their drawing.

I discovered that direct draw instructions on the front board worked for a little while. It had its limitations though with larger classes, and was always tricky when it came to pacing. It kept the whole process feeling a bit chaotic, both for myself and for them too.

The biggest benefit about getting the process down on paper is that everyone can finally work independently. Tutorials showing each step suddenly turned a noisy process into a very quiet and happy classroom! Students could build their confidence, learn the value in following directions, and hopefully start a lifetime love of drawing.

Easy Christmas drawings ideas are added often, so stop by to see the latest one. It just might be the perfect lesson for your classroom today!

It will be soon that the little Poppins- the kids in the house will be singing jingle bell songs! We love the excitement on their faces of getting Christmas presents and having those delicious sweets! Also with this come in the gorgeous Christmas time décor. Do you know what new you can do this Christmas? Have your kids draw some beautiful drawings. However, since it has been a while now since you held the drawing pencils and sketched something awesome, here are Beautiful and Easy Christmas Drawings for Kids that you can teach them. Get these step by step tutorials and thank us later!

Christmas drawings Step by Step

  • To draw a Christmas tree firstly, divide the paper into two equal parts, then draw a “triangular shape” with a diagonal of 13cm & width of 8.9cm for the crown. Next, draw a “rectangular shape” with a height of 2.3cm & a width of 1.7cm below the “triangular shape” for the trunk.
  • Draw the outline of the Christmas tree using “cloud-shaped” & make a “star shape” on the top of the Christmas tree then, draw its trunk using diagonal lines.
  • Erase all unneeded lines from the pine tree then, draw the outline of two gifts beside its trunk.
  • Continue to make the pine tree, then decorate the pine tree using some little stars, small & big circles. Finally, your Christmas tree’s drawing is completed.
  • Now paint the pine tree, using light green for the crown & brown for its trunk then, fill the Christmas ball using red, blue, yellow & orange colours. Next, paint the star with yellow & light orange colour then, paint the gifts with blue, white, yellow & red colour then, take white jell pen & decorated our Christmas tree with using some wavy dots & in the last use the black thick pen or marker to make this drawing more visible.

Christmas drawings Pictures

Christmas trees are one of the more complex and detailed things to draw, depending on the level of decorations you add.

However, you can go for a quick sketch, highlighting just some impressions of the colored lights and ball ornaments.

Or, you can go much more detailed, trying to get the shape and feel of the entire tree with decorations on it.

Also, you can pay careful attention to composition and balance, thinking about color. 

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