Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Easter is a time for colorful joy, delicious chocolates, and egg hunts outdoors in the morning air.

It’s always fun to spend time painting eggs and getting ready in advance for the egg hunts. You can also always expect to see the Easter bunny as he makes his rounds, delivering colorful eggs for all!

This Easter Bunny coloring page for kids is a great way to get in the Easter spirit.

These bright coloring sheets are perfect for coloring with any of your favorite mediums such as crayons, coloring pencils, or paint mediums.

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Elephant Coloring Pages

The phrase Happy Easter is written in bold font. You can color each letter.

Next, we draw the Easter Bunny in detail and finish it off with an Easter egg decorated with a beautiful pattern.

You have so many options to color here. And you can always change your art tools and media to meet the challenge. What do you think this adorable bunny will look like with its egg?

This page’s egg is extremely detailed and serves as the focal point for this image.

We love the variety of small patterns and shapes. It would be great to incorporate as many bright colors as you can!

To make an egg stand out, we would use reds, yellows and pinks. But there are many other colors that you can choose.

The egg isn’t the only thing on the photo. You can color in the bunny too.

When you’re done, we are sure that this page will be stunning!

This collection includes a cute Easter bunny and a chick.

You can color in a large basket of colorful eggs with pretty flowers. This is a great opportunity to use your brightest colors and make the Easter Bunny printable pop!

This bunny is busy with the big egg delivery for this Easter Bunny coloring sheet. The bunny is carrying the eggs in a basket and it looks a little like it’s raining with the lines falling.

If you’re the Easter Bunny there’s no day off, I imagine! What color will you use to create this adorable image?

The previous Easter Bunny printable featured a bunny transporting eggs in a basket. This seems to be a lot more efficient that the bunny’s actual method!

He is carrying all the eggs together, which to me seems like a great way for a lot of eggs to be on your head.

The bunny seems to be in control, so you might use a pretty background color to highlight the concentration he is showing on this Easter Bunny coloring sheet.

This page features a huge egg! This egg is quite large and heavier than the Easter Bunny. It could prove difficult for him to transport it.

This picture is likely to be the most eye-catching, as the egg is what draws attention first. We would also color it with bright and vivid colors.

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