Drawing Venom, Chibi Style

Drawing Venom, Chibi Style

Step 1:

You will need some guidelines and a few circles to draw Venom chibi-style. The guidelines refer to the face and limbs.

Step 2:

In this step, we will draw the face. These are the eyes. Venom’s eyes have a peculiar look. They are very long and angled.

Step 3:

Draw the Venom’s head shape and then draw the mouth in a jack-o lantern style. The jagged lining forms teeth and a smile.

Step 4:

Now, draw in his long, alien-like tongue. This is Venom’s characteristic.

Step 5:

Start drawing Venom’s chibi body. You don’t have to make them look gritty. He is a gnarly person.

Step 6:

The torso, waist, and legs will be completed by Venom. Remember to include the feet.

Step 7:

The final step in this Venom drawing is to add the markings on the torso. You can now erase all mistakes.

Step 8:

You are done with drawing chibi Venom. This lesson was a pleasure. Color him in.

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