Drawing the Palmtop Tiger from Toradora

Drawing the Palmtop Tiger from Toradora

Step one:

The first thing you’ll create an outline of the head. Then sketch out the outline of the body. Sketch the facial outline after which you’re finished.

Step two:

Next, sketch out the Palmtop Tiger’s face with greater detail, making sure you leave an empty space for the ears. Sprinkle some flutter on the cheeks, and you’re now all set to move onto step 3.

Step three:

The next step is to draw the ears that are small. Include details inside the ears. Finally, draw three stripes on the head.

Step four:

Follow the guidelines for drawing facial features the face of Palmtop Tiger. Start with the eyes and after which draw the nostrils. It is also necessary to draw the lips, the front fangs, and then draw downward eyebrows.

Step five:

Apply stripes to cheeks and draw lines in the thin, long whiskers.

Step six:

Next, draw the front legs. Then, draw the back, and a bit of the belly.

Step seven:

Finalize drawing the body of Palmtop Tiger, which includes the back legs, butt , and tail.

Step eight:

In the last step, all you need be doing is to draw the stripes that are thick on the front legs, the back as well as the hind leg. Make sure that you draw stripes along the back as well.

Step nine:

Here’s what your Palmtop Tiger appears after you’re done. You can now have fun coloring him. Thank you for your help!

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