Drawing Thanos From Fortnite

Drawing Thanos From Fortnite

Step 1:

Let’s begin with the guidelines we’ll take as a base to form his face and body. Make these lines very light so that they are easily erased in the event that you wish to trace the lines using a pencil or sharpie.

Step 2:

Then, we’ll sketch the outline of his helmet first, then continue to draw the shape of his face inside that helmet.

Step 3:

Then, draw from the eyes to mouth and nose (in the same order) the facial features of Thanos. With thin lines trace the lines of texture which flow down his face, resembling multiple tears.

Step 4:

Utilizing thin lines, we’ll concentrate on drawing the details of his helmet. Then, when you’re satisfied with the style begin sketching the shoulder armor as well as the following details.

Step 5:

Slowly, let’s gently trace the armor details across the sides and shoulders at the top of your neck.

Step 6:

I am aware that drawing this portion of Thanos is the most difficult part and that’s why we’re working on it slowly. First draw the arm by carefully sketching each part of the arm’s gear. We can then concentrate on drawing the armor for the torso.

Step 7:

It’s almost over! The next step is to use fine line (like always) advance your work by drawing the rest of the details of your body armor.

Step 8:

The pain is gone, so let’s get to drawing the right arm to total Thanos!

Step 9:

If you’re pleased with the results, pick sharpie or a pen, and trace your lines. Once you’ve finished you can erase the guidelines that you created at the start of this tutorial. I’d love to see the way your Thanos did Don’t be shy to share your creation for me to observe! Until next time guys!

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