Drawing Reaper From Overwatch

Drawing Reaper From Overwatch

Step one:

Begin by following the instructions to the head as well as the torso. The torso should be bigger than the head as Reaper is a powerful appearance character.

Step two:

Then, draw your facial characteristics and facial structures. Begin with the forehead, and then draw the sockets of the eyes. Then draw the front of the face that is slightly inclined. Include the remaining details to the face for the appearance of skeletal.

Step three:

Now we will draw in the head, which is nothing more than the Hooded cloth. The hood rests loosely on top of the head and spreads out to the sides. Draw in a portion of the torso that is formed through the cloth.

Step four:

It is now possible to draw in the large muscular arms. The arms must be drawn in so that they appear like they are robust and sturdy. Then add the detail to the arms that is the suit design. Create the neck’s base and collar to match the undergarments Reaper wears.

Step five:

We’ll start finishing the details of the texture to the suit he is wearing. The suit has large, raised stripes that are on both sides. They function as ribs, which give the appearance of skeletal.

Step six:

Hey guys, are you ready to complete Reaper of Overwatch? Good, lets do so now. We’ll be drawing all the intricate details and accessories that are part of Reaper’s look. This includes a belt for utility as well as ammo on the chest, and finally the patterns on the hips and chest. Once all the designs are drawn in it is time to erase the mistakes as well as the guidelines.

Step seven:

After you’re finished and are satisfied with your sketch and drawing of Reaper from Overwatch Reaper should pop out with the same look as the picture you see below. All you need to do is paint him. I hope you enjoyed yourself people I know I did.

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