Drawing Miguel Rivera from Coco, Coco

Drawing Miguel Rivera from Coco, Coco

Step one:

Start with a circle to serve as the head guide, and later draw the outline of the body. Draw in the facial guidelines before moving on to step 2.

Step two:

Now, we will sketch the hairstyle of Miguel, that will form his head’s form. Be sure to sketch the bangs with a fun way.

Step three:

Draw the outline of Miguel’s face using guidelines you created in step 1. Then draw the shapes of his ears. Draw the nose of his and smile.

Step four:

We’ll now draw Miguel’s eyes. They’re also fun and expressive in a simple shape. After the eyes have been drawn out, it is possible to draw the outline of the neck, then shoulders, the collar of his jacket and a touch of wrinkles on the left sleeves.

Step five:

Continue drawing the arms until they fold over each and then fold them over each. You’ll need to draw the undershirt as well as the hands.

Step six:

Then, draw in the remainder of his jacket, and then add some wrinkles to the shirt and coat beneath. Eliminate the mistakes and the guides as well.

Step seven:

Here’s the final drawing when you’re finished. All that remains to be completed is adding some colors to make Miguel to life.

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