Drawing Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood

Drawing Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood

Step 1:

Begin with the guidelines for the shape of the head and face, and then draw the guidelines for facial features.

Step 2:

Then, you can define the front portion of the face. Then, draw the curls of her bangs that rest on her head.

Step 3:

Now, draw the silhouettes of her eyes, making sure the lining is firm and strong. Draw the pupils and nose too.

Step 4:

Here, you make a mouth as well as teeth. As there was a wolf sleeping in her bed at Grams’s I thought it was fun to hand her a few teeth.

Step 5:

Since the majority all of her locks are hidden by the hood, you’ll only need to style her long, curly locks in a loose manner, which falls on the side on her faces.

Step 6:

Finally Give Little Red her hood and ensure that you curled the top to the end of her hood. This was done to give something unique to the standard. Now you are ready to erase your mistakes and guidelines to tidy the drawing.

Step 7:

Here she is once you’re done. You can now color her.

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