Drawing Lionel Messi

Drawing Lionel Messi

Step 1:

Your guidelines and shapes should be your first step. The head should be an oval shape. Next, the shoulder and face guidelines should be oblong.

Step 2:

Use the guides that you created in step one to define the shape of Messi’s head and face. Do this by sanding the lining around the jaw and chin. Draw in the shapes for the ears as well.

Step 3:

Draw Messi’s neck shape, then draw the bone details to the neck.

Step 4:

You will see his beautiful hairstyle, which is a long, combed-back style. The hairline that frames the inner part of his face will be drawn. Messi has well-groomed facial hair. I ask you to draw the lining of his hair. Once that is complete, add the details to the hair and to the ears.

Step 5:

Next, draw the eyebrows and eye shapes. You can add definition to the eyes and forehead temples.

Step 6:

Now, you will create the nose shape and then give Messi some pupils.

Step 7:

Now, draw his mouth and other facial hairs. You can take your time.

Step 8:

The last step is to draw the shoulders and some of your torso. You will be wearing a Football or soccer jersey, so make sure you draw the lining and design on the shirt. You can now erase all mistakes and guidelines.

Step 9:

The line art is here. You can now color in Lionel Messi.

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