Drawing Hugh Hefner Step by Step

Drawing Hugh Hefner Step by Step

Step one:

Draw the outline of the head. Then draw the shoulder line, as well as the guidelines for the face.

Step two:

The next step is to sketch the face of Hugh and then draw the lines angled to give him a distinct face form.

Step three:

The next step is to draw eyebrows, and later sketch out the outline of the nose of the person. After that, draw the frown lines the place where the mouth will be. The face’s definition is quite obvious.

Step four:

Utilize the facial guidelines once more to draw the contours that Hugh’s eyes have. Draw in the forehead wrinkles, and finally draw his mouth and the pipe of tobacco that he’s smoking. Give definition to the face around the mouth and eyes.

Step five:

Now we will draw his hairstyle, followed by the shape of his ear.

Step six:

Draw the outline of his neck. draw the smoker’s jacket that he often wears. The flaps can be added to the coat and add details to the back part of the neck. Remove your mistakes and guideline also.

Step seven:

That’s it. Your line art will look similar to the drawing you can see here. You can now draw Hugh in and you’ll be off to try something different.

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