Drawing Henry Gobble from Mr. Pickles

Drawing Henry Gobble from Mr. Pickles

Step 1:

Begin by drawing the oval to represent the head. Then, draw the facial guidelines , as you can see them fade in this initial step. After that, you can employ this guideline to draw the outline of Henry or Grandpa’s wrinkled face as well as head. Draw the hair that is wraps around the head, and is bald on the top. After that you can draw the ear shapes Add details to the hair that is exposed and draw the aging wrinkles on foreheads and wrinkles.

Step 2:

Then we’ll employ these guidelines for drawing the shape of Grandpa’s eyes and the eyebrows which are big and frizzy. Draw the wide, long nose and wrinkles and frown lines on the eyes aswell in the bags that are under the eyes.

Step 3:

We’re over Grandpa. All we have to draw his mouth in as well as a sagging chin, and other wrinkles. Remove the mistakes, in the event that you have made any.

Step 4:

You can add some detail in the other ear, and add more wrinkles.

Step 5:

You have just completed this course on Henry Gobble from Mr. Pickles or Grandpa.

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