Drawing Gwen from the Total DramaRama

Drawing Gwen from the Total DramaRama

Step one:

Draw the head and body forms and then draw those guidelines to the limbs and face.

Step two:

The next step is to draw out the contours of Gwen’s facial features and begin adding hair. The side bangs will be first, followed by Gwen’s center-bangs.

Step three:

Draw the outline of her head using her hairstyle you have chosen as your reference. Make the pigtails, and then draw the ear of her.

Step four:

In this sketch, you’ll draw Gwen’s eyes. These should be big lids and regular linings for the eyes’ shapes. Include the mouth and nose too.

Step five:

Let’s begin by focusing on Gwen’s body. Then, draw her arm around in an uninvolved, relaxed manner. It’s pretty unflinching.

Step six:

Finish the body with the exception of legs. Attach the buttons to her vest. Then make the collar hers. Draw the other arm and sleeves line.

Step seven:

Are you prepared to end Gwen of Total DramaRama? All you need to do is draw her pockets and then draw her feet or legs.

Step eight:

It’s a common practice Once you’re done cleaning your drawing, your line art should appear similar to the drawing that you have before you. If not, go ahead and color her in.

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