Drawing Finn From Star Wars, Eight-Seven

Drawing Finn From Star Wars, Eight-Seven

Step one:

Begin with a head/face guide as such and draw the guidelines for facial features.

Step two:

Now we can identify the contour of Finn’s face. It is very square and slightly angled. After that, you’ll need to include the ear as well as the hairline.

Step three:

Utilizing the facial guidelines, Draw the shape that Finn’s eyes have. Next, draw the nose and the nostrils. Include some details to the nose, and then proceed to step 4.

Step four:

Draw in eyebrows and draw Finn’s lips in. Make sure to draw in the eyeballs and the cheek bump.

Step five:

Complete the design of his head. Then draw the shoulders, neck and the shirt underneath the jacket. Include details to the jacket and then erase any mistakes and guidelines.

Step six:

Here’s the line art once you’re done. You can now enjoy coloring Finn as well as the Eight Seven in The Force Awakens.

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