Drawing Blue Care Bear and Pony

Drawing Blue Care Bear and Pony

Step one:

Begin by learning the basics that will guide you through the two figures used in this lesson. The guidelines should be for the bodies and heads.

Step two:

It’s simpler for you to sketch your Care Bear first, so begin by drawing the shape of the head . then draw the ears as well as the tuft of hair between the ears.

Step three:

In this drawing, you’ll sketch the head of your pony and snout in the same way, and when you are done, go ahead and draw some flowing locks that are part of the mane.

Step four:

Complete the face of the Care Bear by drawing eyes as well as the mouth, nose and ear details. It is also possible to finish the face of the pony by drawing the eyes, drawing the mouth’s details and nostril slits.

Step five:

Follow the steps to draw the outline of the chest of the pony, then draw the front legs as well as a portion of the middle section of body.

Step six:

Completing your Care Bear body by drawing the back leg, foot, and a fluffy tail.

Step seven:

Then, you can complete the pony’s body with the back legs, the butt shape and that’s it.

Step eight:

Finally, complete the drawing with drawing the and luxurious mane and tail that you can see. The mane and tail should be drawn in a dramatic way. Once you’ve finished erase any mistakes, as well as the guides, if visible.

Step nine:

Then here’s the final concept after you’ve finished. The most enjoyable part? Coloring with these two gorgeous characters. Thank you for coming along today to learn about coloring Blue Care Bear and Pony.

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