Drawing Blackbeard, Step by Step

Drawing Blackbeard, Step by Step

Step one:

Start drawing out your face, starting with the sides of your head. Also, sketch in the mouth and cheek bone indentation.

Step two:

In this stage, you’ll should take your time when drawing the eye shapes. Darken the eyes around them and draw the expressive eyebrows. Once you’ve drawn the nose, then add frown lines along side of nose. then draw in his facial hair beginning with the mustache.

Step three:

Be patient with this step of drawing the Blackbeard’s hairstyle as well as his beard. You will notice that the beard is split in two , and the hair is braided. Incorporate every fine line that make the details of the hairstyle and facial hair of the actor.

Step four:

Include shading across the face for an intense drawing style.

Step five:

We’ll add holes to the brim of his hat, just as the ones you see here.

Step six:

Finally, draw his coat , starting with his shoulders, arms and the texture definition. You can add some shading over the heavy, thick coat and erase any mistakes once you’re done.

Step seven:

Here’s the line art once you’re finished. All you need be doing is draw color this sketch of Blackbeard and show people who you just sketched from the past.

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