Drawing Animal Skulls

Drawing Animal Skulls

Step one:

Once again, sketch out the lines and shapes for the skulls of both animals you’re planning to draw.

Step two:

Beginning with the animal’s skull, proceed to sketch out the overall appearance and the shape that the skull has. It will also include the forms of the hollows that form the eyes, as well as the hollow in face of the nostril. Be patient while drawing the teeth, and the details to the skull’s shape.

Step three:

Here , you can draw the horns that resemble goats. They are huge and curved back. Include all the details to the horns and then take your time in drawing them to make sure they are laid out in a straight line.

Step four:

Create a detailed bone at the bridge of the nose.

Step  five:

This is where you begin adding the design work on both sides of the skull’s face as well as its the face. It’s more of the look of smoke or a vine.

Step six:

Draw the snake-like slither into the mouths of the skull all up to the back of your skull until it curled in the back.

Step seven:

Draw the second small skull of the animal and attach metal bands on end of bonesy skulls. Draw the teeth and face and then add swirls to the eyes’ hollows.

Step eight:

The final step will continue to complete the substance that resembles a vine throughout the back between the skulls, and the orb floating over the small animal skull. Draw in detail to the vines, and then erase the mistakes.

Step nine:

Pick your own colors to color your drawing. I hope you enjoyed yourself in today’s lesson. Make sure you enjoy, love, and fav and then share them with your friends.

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