Drawing an African American, African American Woman

Drawing an African American, African American Woman

Step one:

The first step is to review the guidelines for the torso, head and hips. Include these guidelines to the lower limbs, too.

Step two:

Make use of the facial guidelines to sketch out the outline of the face. Once you’ve done that, you can draw the hairline and ears.

Step three:

The next step is to use face guidelines in order to sketch the large beautiful eyes. After that, make sure to add the thickness of the lids, the lashes, and create a crease on the eyelid to increase the depth.

Step four:

We’ll draw in the eyebrows and color them. Then, draw her nose, and then draw her lips. Include details within the ear, too.

Step five:

The face is complete and we can begin the drawing process to create her curly, long hair. When you’ve got the length you desire as your face, you may add the crinkle-like lines for more visual appeal and style.

Step six:

The hair and face are completed. Now let’s concentrate at the entire body. The first step is drawing arms, shoulders and hands. Once we’ve finished, we can draw the design of her chest that covers her hair with long locks. Detail under the arm and then add some nail beds to her fingers.

Step seven:

To finish the drawing, just draw the remainder of the torso as well as the hips, waist and the thighs. Bring some shape to your stomach area and then draw your bikini’s bottom. Remove your mistakes and guidelines that you used while sketching these African American girl.

Step eight:

After all the work is completed, the line art for the girl you’ve drawn should be similar to the one you can see here. All you have to do is to add colour. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I’m sure I did.

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