Drawing Al Pacino

Drawing Al Pacino

Step one:

I’m all set, aren’t you? Good. Begin by drawing two forms one for the head and one that is for your body. Draw the facial guidelines , and then one guideline that runs across the torso of the weapon.

Step two:

Utilizing the face guide, begin drawing the exact design of Tony’s face. The chin should be visible since he’s making a angry expression. After that you should draw the bangs or hair and note how the line is jagged.

Step three:

Then, complete the head shape of Tony and the hairstyle. After that, you can draw those thick bold eyebrows, and that amazing deep crease between the eyebrows. Don’t forget to draw the huge deep mark on his face. then draw one.

Step four:

Okay, let’s finish the face. To draw it, just trace the shape of the eyes and then draw the nose and a very expressive mouth. Do not forget to draw the teeth and the pupils.

Step five:

The face is complete, begin with the arms and shoulders. It’s a chibi figure therefore the arms should be short. Draw using the small hands and keep in mind that his guns will appear into his hands at the next step. So be aware of that.

Step six:

Let’s start by the drawing of Tony Montana’s gun. Start with the barrel first and later draw the collar, or the lapels of the jacket of his dress.

Step seven:

Almost done people. Draw his legs and tiny shoes or feet and that’s it.

Step eight:

Add some detail to his clothes by adding pockets to one of his coats, or the folds in his clothing, and finally the butt or the stock to the machine gun. Remove the errors and any other visible guides.

Step nine:

You’re finished. The next step is to paint the iconic persona from Scarface. I hope you’ve enjoyed another chibi class from me.

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