Drawing A Zombie Turkey

Drawing A Zombie Turkey

Step 1:

Are you ready? To create the framework for your turkey zombie, you will need to use a few guidelines and shapes.

Step 2:

Start by sketching the turkey’s face. Then, snood. You will see that the turkey’s face has a cut with bits of bone and other debris. The snood is the skin hanging from the beak. Draw in the eye and color it.

Step 3:

Next, draw the beak that is open. There is some stretching due to the beak being screamed open. Once that is done, draw in the long neck and the breast. You will also need to add the turkey thighs and some of the back feathers.

Step 4:

Now you can draw the wings, the feather layers on the wings, and the turkey tail feathers. This lesson is essentially the same as drawing a Thanksgiving Turkey. However, there are a few adjustments. You can keep the traditional turkey as it is, but don’t draw a skull. Instead, make the eye look alive and transform the dead eye into something that looks more alive. Define and detail the feathers.

Step 5:

You only need to draw the legs, talons, or feet. You will succeed if you take your time.

Step 6:

Next, draw in small ruffled feathers on the breast or chest. Finally, add the grooved indent lines to the legs.

Step 7:

Simply draw the remaining tail feathers in the final step. This is a huge display for a turkey dead. You can also erase all guides and mistakes.

Step 8:

This is your zombie turkey. This is your holiday season’s dead turkey or zombie turkey. Gobble Gobble everyone.

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