Drawing a Witch Profile

Drawing a Witch Profile

Step one:

We will begin by drawing the outline of the head guideline and face, and then draw the shoulder guideline. After that, it is time to sketch the outline for the neck and hat.

Step two:

Draw the outline of your face in the same way it. Start with the foreheadand then the nose, mouth chin and jawline. Then we will draw in the lips as well.

Step three:

We’ll work on the face the next time. Start with the eyebrows and then draw the single shape that the eyes have. The lid should be darkand large and the lashes ought to be long.

Step four:

We can get started on the hairstyle of the witch. The long crinkle style needs to be styled with waves.

Step five:

Now we can begin to work to draw the neck. Draw the neck, witch’s the ear, then draw the cloth to make her body. Include the folds and wrinkles.

Step six:

The final drawing step , all you need to draw is your witch’s hat. The cone-shaped top is added and draw the lid that slopes. As this is a witch’s hat the hat must be worn slightly, so you can add wrinkles, folds, and folds. Make sure to erase your mistakes and guidebooks too.

Step seven:

This is this line drawing. Now , you can color your witch’s face. You can add whatever background you prefer and any other details you’d find appealing too.

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