Drawing A Skull Spirit

Drawing A Skull Spirit

Step one:

Draw a circle for the head. Next, sketch the outline for the jaw. Follow the guidelines.

Step two:

Create your skull’s shape and then draw your nose. Add some shading beneath the bone of your nose.

Step three:

This is where you draw the hollow outline of the eye. You can then apply some shading and wrinkles underneath the eye.

Step four:

Next, draw the teeth that are gnarly, as well as the skull and cheekbone definition.

Step five:

The lower jaw mandible, as well as the teeth with a different shape. Once you’ve got that done, you can apply details on the jaw and around the eyes or face.

Step six:

Hey guys, draw in your burning spirit flame, which covers the entire skull. Once you’ve finished, you can draw the smoke coming out of the mouth. Finish off the details, and you’re completed.

Step seven:

Here’s the line art after you’re finished. You can now bring color to your spirit.

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