Drawing a Sheep for beginners

Drawing a Sheep for beginners

Step 1:

Draw out the bottom of the face of the sheep as the picture below. Then, again, it all begins with the U. U.

Step 2:

The next step is to draw both eyes and the pupils that are oval in shape. You can also color the pupils too.

Step 3:

Then, give this sheep a smile as well as a kiss on the nose.

Step 4:

The sheep’s wool is used to form the head in front of the eyes and back, and then draw the ears.

Step 5:

Now draw your entire body. Begin behind the head, proceed to into the rear, then butt, then draw the hooves and legs. Include details to the sheep’s coat.

Step 6:

Finally make a tuft of the tail, then erase any guide and mistakes.

Step 7:

It’s that all you need to know about it. You are now able to color your sheep and go in the right direction.

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